Short Seminars

BCTI trains leaders in short seminars on critical topics of special relevance to the age that we live in. Our focus lies on vital issues like Marriage Enrichment, Parenting and Conflict Resolution. We can conduct and customize these seminars according to the specific needs of your church, organization or company.

We are also keen to partner with churches and assist leaders in providing young adults & married couples with guidance on Preparing for Marriage, Parenting and Marriage Enrichment. In the last three years, BCTI has trained more than 1500 pastors and leaders in North India through its short seminars.

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Conflict and Peacemaking

  • Understanding conflict
  • How to respond biblically?
  • Opportunities conflicts provide
  • Dealing with emotive responses
  • Forgiveness and peacemaking

Relationship – A Mess Worth Making

  • Our problems in relationships and exploring solutions
  • God’s workshop to growth and sanctification
  • Communication, conflict and forgiveness
  • Transforming average relationships into great relationships

Fear, Anxiety, Worries..

  • The manna principle
  • What about money?
  • Death?
  • The Lord reigns- Things are not the way they seem

Addiction (Habitual Sin)

  • Overview of addiction
  • Role of grace and truth in addictions
  • What is helpful and not helpful in loving someone struggling with habitual sin?


  • Getting to the heart of behavior
  • Helping our kids see the glory of God
  • Early childhood: Living joyfully under Authority
  • Childhood: Identifying attitudes of the heart
  • Teenagers: Embracing the Gospel as living faith

Marriage Enrichment

  • Biblical understanding of marriage
  • Basic relational trends: Honor one another
  • Roles & Conflict resolution
  • Gender differences, intimacy and sexuality in marriage
  • Marriage & Culture

Understanding Human Behavior

  • Why do people do the things they do?
  • How does lasting change take place?
  • How can I change others?