Our Team

Dr. John K. John, with his wife, Annie

Dr. John K. John, with his wife, Annie

Dr. John K. John, Founder
In 1996, Dr. John received training in counseling by a team from CCEF and Westminster Theological Seminary. He felt called to begin a ministry for personal biblical counseling and went on to complete his Doctoral studies in Pastoral Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary, after which he started BCTI in 2005.

Since then, BCTI has been growing steadily, training pastors and church leaders in Hindi-speaking regions of North India. Over the last five years, BCTI has trained thousands of pastors & church leaders through its IBCC training program and short seminars all over North India.

Meet Our Team

Ebin Thankachan
Ebin has completed his Bachelor of Theology from New Theological College, Dehradun and BD from Serampore College, Kolkata. He is presently involved in Business Administration, liaising with and networking with individuals and other organizations concerning our trainings and books. He is also involved in managing the logistics of BCTI events as well exploring joint venture opportunities with organisations and churches.

Sarah Prabhakar, Trainer (English)Sarah, Manager of Training and Counseling Services
Sarah completed her studies in psychology in Sydney, Australia (where she grew up).  She was registered as a psychologist there and worked mainly in the area of child and family counselling. In 2008, with her background in psychology and an Indian heritage, she came to Delhi to join the team at BCTI.  Then in 2011 she returned to Sydney for theological studies, part of which she completed in the US at Westminster Theological Seminary/ Christian Counseling& Education Foundation, giving her a major in biblical counselling.  She came back to India in 2014, joining the team at BCTI again.

Ritesh Dutt, Trainer (Hindi)

Ritesh Dutt, Trainer (Hindi)
Ritesh completed his theological studies at New Theological College in Dehradun and serves as a trainer in BCTI’s training programs in Hindi. He is passionate about serving people and using his skills as a trainer to impact leaders in North India. He also serves his church in the role of an Assistant Pastor. Ritesh lives with his family in Pitampura.

Fairy Tewari, Trainer (Hindi)Fairy Tewari, Trainer (Hindi)
Fairy has been working in BCTI for the last four and half years. She began as a translator and then moved on to becoming a trainer for BCTI’s training programs in Hindi. She has a passion to see hindi-speaking leaders grow in the life-changing power of the gospel through training and counseling.

Nidish Philip, Trainer (Hindi)
Nidish is a BD graduate from Bethel Bible College, Guntur and  had joined BCTI in June 2012. He is presently teaching in the Hindi trainings and helps with the translation of materials into Hindi. He also serves his church in the role of an Assistant Pastor. Nidish  lives with his family in Sagarpur, Palam.